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Wedding photography

As Sarah pushes back the curtains on the window, the soft, white light fills the room. Her face illuminated in warmth, her heart shining with love. Biting Designs was proud to capture everlasting memories for newlyweds Sarah and George, using expert wedding photography to make their Sydney wedding a picture-perfect masterpiece.

From an embrace by an old tree, carved by the lovers who stood before them, to a kiss under the veil of the Sydney harbor, Sarah and George will remain by one another’s side for many years to come. The couple embraced the natural beauty of scenic Sydney Harbor, allowing for many picturesque moments during the wedding.

Sydney Harbor, with its iconic views of Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge, makes for one of the most scenic places to shoot stunning wedding photography. For Sarah and George, Biting Designs employed the use of aerial cameras to bring new perspective to the wedding memories, and the cameras movement flows smoothly, like Sarah’s veil catching the subtle breeze blowing from the water.

The gentle ebb and flow from the water along the harbor beaches shimmers as the sun’s rays shine down on the happy couple’s special day. It’s not all water and boats, though, as gorgeous flora and greenery provide ambiance for a romantic garden stroll, a secret kiss in the shade of the trees. Our non-intrusive wedding photographers capture every moment, ensuring your memories are always available.

Sarah and George celebrated their union with friends and family at a warm, heartfelt reception. The times shared that day are more than just a memory, as the couple can share their wedding with generations to come because of Biting Design’s quality wedding photography.

As the day drifted away, and the sun set over the harbor, it takes with it neither beauty nor love. The harbor lights up, twinkles reflecting on the water like stars in the sky. Biting Designs thanks Sarah and George for allowing them to be part of their special day, and wishes the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness and love.

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