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The time. The place. The dress. The shoes. The flowers. The cake. The cars. Most importantly, the love. Capture it all with Biting Designs superior wedding cinematography.
The look in her eyes, the love in his heart, and the laughs you share together are all perfectly filmed with professional quality, making your wedding day a cinematic production. These wedding videos are edited to depict the greatest moments of the day, weaving together your love story in a perfect visual narrative.
Biting Designs highlights every detail, from the intricate beadwork and lace along the wedding gown, to the shimmer of the summer sun. Different than a standard wedding video, the productions offered by Biting Designs are more like Hollywood films. The videos can be custom tailored to match the style of your wedding, and are tailored to each couple’s needs.
Biting Design’s wedding cinematography service helps you relive your special day with family and friends whenever you want. Pop in the DVD and your instantly transported back to the ceremony. Because not one moment is missed, each viewing of your film will bring back all the memories of your day, in a cinematic experience that will make you feel like you’re watching the latest romance film.
Feel the emotion, sense the excitement, and experience the journey as two heart join together. Biting Designs produces quality wedding films with a richness to them that will leave you feeling the same way you did on the very day you joined together as one.
Aside from capturing professional style video, Biting Design’s expert team provides perfectly mastered audio to accompany your film. The team uses Steadicams to seamlessly record the events and then expertly arranges the footage to tell the story you want to tell.
Your story is just that- your story. Don’t just create a static recording of the day. Find your masterpiece with the help of Biting Designs, Sydney’s Wedding Video provider, and create a memory to last forever.
The rings. The kiss. The candles. The dance. The walk down the aisle. The smiles. The fireworks. The heart and soul. Your story.

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