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A single word tucked inside the band of one couple’s token of love and commitment. To Samantha and John, their “forever” begins with stunning wedding cinematography, sealing every moment into a lifelong memory. From the layers of pristine white ruffle on the bride’s dress, to the vibrant cobalt blue accents throughout the wedding, each shot is a retelling of the moment in complete accuracy, capturing all the emotion of the day.

Offering premiere wedding cinematography throughout Sydney, Biting Designs can turn any wedding day into a beautiful film, securing all of the most precious memories of the day to enjoy again as the years pass. With a love story like Samantha and John’s, filming the perfect day is simple.

As the bride and groom meet for their first dance as husband and wife, their eyes lock and they become one, a tangible form of everlasting promises and love. As Samantha’s father toasts: “As I look around the room, I realize how many friends John and Samantha have.” And now, thanks to expert wedding cinematography, the newlyweds can share their day with all of the special people in their lives.

From the ceremony to the reception, each moment is the utmost importance, and our crew ensures the perfect shot while remaining discreet and never interfering. Highlighting all of the important moments of the day, combined with a visually stunning artistic style is what makes Biting Designs wedding cinematography rise above the plain old straightforward videographer. Expertly edited and shot on professional cameras, every couple can make their day to remember accessible whenever they want to relive it by choosing the quality wedding cinematography.

Samantha and John have just begun their journey into their new future together, and Biting Designs wishes them a wealth of happiness and a lifetime of love that will last for one word: Forever.

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