Wedding at the Grand Roxy, Brighton-Le-Sands

Project Description

In August Biting Designs Wedding Video were shooting  at the Grand Roxy, Brighton-Le-Sands. The Grand Roxy is a well know and respected wedding venue in Sydney, and it is easy to see why. This is very subjective opinion, but nevertheless, we base it on various points we observed while filming a wedding video. First thing we remember on the day was a gentlemen by the name of Bill Mougios who is the owner. It was a quick meet and greet, as preparations were in full swing-only 30 Min remained before the arrival of gussets for the cocktail party. Staff were busy with last minute preparations. Our team prepared the equipment, got out our beloved slider, glidecam and began capturing what is known in a wedding video as “detail”. Close-ups of flowers on the cake, diamantes, ribbons on chairs, chandeliers, place cards, etc.. 

Sudden quietness caught our attention. We stood still and observed how Bill instructed the waiters. Emphasising attention to prompt guest service, there were other particulars of the night mentioned. In retrospect, the service at the Grand Roxy was exceptional, as well as the food and ambiance.  The décor was nice and modern, plasma screens on the walls showed live venue camera feeds. We would say a perfects wedding venue for a 150-300 people. 

Biting Designs were particularly impressed with Grand Roxy’s presentation podium for the bridal cake. High intensity spot light was above the table where the bridal cake is placed, the light was powerful enough to elaborate the important objects but at the same time not too bright. The below photograph shows the presentation manner. Look how champagne holder elegantly fits in with the bridal cake and other utensils. Nice and neat, adds importance and works well on video/photography.

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