Vanja & William, Wedding Videography.

Project Description

Elegance, sophistication and postmodern elements were all there at the Oatlands House, host of William and Vanja’s wedding. The wedding in which Italian traditions meet Serbian customs, Mediterranean VS Balkan, as different as they may be, one thing the two share  is  knowing how to party and love, and boy oh boy were we glad to be in the midst of it all! Biting Designs Sydney Wedding Video included orchestral melodies to highlight the french provincial décor and the almost-magical atmosphere that revealed itself throughout the duration of the wedding.

Close-up shots of the candelabra were only a few of the pieces capturing this beauty. But what could be more beautiful, more gorgeous, than the bride and her dress? Through our cinematic wedding video, we convey the sheer exquisiteness of Vanja’s shoes and dress, with close panning footage of the detailed embroidery that wraps itself throughout the gown. Speech time shortly approaches and Vanja’s sister mentions how joyous the occasion is, at which point Biting Designs includes a snippet from earlier in the day, of the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready, with smiles and expressions of pure happiness, just to certify how truly joyous the occasion was. Throughout the day navy, royal blue, shades of yellow and gold were the obvious signature colours. Warm and bold shades that reflected their personalities. We decided to incorporate Balkan infused music to convey the strong cultural ties of the people at this wedding, later reinforced with a traditional Serbian performance. As we blissfully listen to Louis Armstrong’s La Vie En Rose, candle chandeliers appear in view, taking us back to the early 20th century. Perhaps old, but nonetheless timeless and classic, much like their wedding. A pool of hydrangea flowers bore the beauty of the diamond ring, and reminded us that nature itself if a beautiful thing which is where the couple exchanged vows, why not do something that comes naturally, like telling someone how much you love them, among the very natural of places? As the night went on the dances started to increase in volume, and guests were treated to some traditional performances. William Promised to make his newly wedded bride smile for the rest of her life and although that is left to be seen, we can only judge for ourselves, and safely say that Biting designs were surely left smiling by the end of our stay.

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