The University of Sydney Wedding

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The University of Sydney Wedding

The look of Old English style architecture can add an elegant ambiance to a wedding, creating a venue that’s both beautiful and unique. The University of Sydney provides couples like Alex and Kat an exceptional backdrop for a memorable wedding, and has solidified its place as a popular spot for photography and cinematography. Set right in the center of the city, the University of Sydney Darlington Campus features historical sandstone infrastructures along with the manicured lawns of the Quadrangle and can be utilized for special events.
Biting Designs is happy to offer quality video for Sydney weddings, and it’s even easier when couples opt to host their celebration at a location like the University of Sydney, because there are so many different choices for beautiful scenery.
The garden space provides lush greenery and natural light, while the Gothic Renaissance era inspired design of the university brings character and charm to the couple’s big day. The Quadrangle adds stark contrast to the deep green, with the earthy neutral browns of the building bordering the horizon.
Aerial views over the city, as the spires of the university provide prospective, are perfect to add scenic frames to your wedding video. As Kat and Alex embrace, a kiss as husband and wife, the university backdrop looks like a castle, perfect for a princess.
Along with the scenic views, The University of Sydney offers a wide range of interior spaces as well. The Darlington Center offers dining in the Forum Restaurant, which has an outdoor garden space as well. With conference rooms, lounges and boardrooms, four different meeting rooms, and the restaurant and garden, the university makes a great space for hosting weddings and other romantic events.
Biting Designs was happy to provide the best wedding cinematography for Alex and Kat’s special day at The University of Sydney. We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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