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Jessica & Nebojsa

From sparkling rhinestone embellishments along the train of Jessica’s wedding dress to every delicate white rose of her bouquet, or from champagnes bubbles and glimmering wedding rings to adoring smiles and words of wisdom, no detail is too small a memory. Like Jessica and Nebojsa, ensure you’ll have the memories of your Sydney wedding day to share for generations to come with a combined package from La Phenomena Photography and Biting Designs Wedding Video.

With expert quality and professionalism, Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography offer couples more than standard wedding photos and video. There’s a high level of artistic excellence in finding the right framing, lighting, and backdrop for the most stunning pictures, while the Hollywood-style cinematography makes your love story look like a box-office romance.

La Phenomena Photography uses the natural aura of emotions surrounding the day to manifest the moments that highlight the couple’s personality and style. As Jessica’s veil catches the wind, Nebojsa’s lips touch hers, a moment frozen in time by a simple click of the camera. The billows of white surrounding her face as their eyes meet, newly adorned husband and wife, forever to cherish one another. La Phenomena Photography finds the right second to capture, never missing the details that often get overlooked.

Biting Designs Wedding Video uses a variety of film techniques, such as 360-degree aerial camera drones and time lapse, to create a masterpiece that allows you to experience your day over and over again. High-quality sound editing makes sure no special speeches are missed, so you can relive every toast whenever you want. With Biting Designs video, Jessica and Nebojsa can hear their vows again, and watch their first dance, as they move through the clouds sweeping the dancefloor, and share these moments with their friends and family anytime they wish.

Combined packages ensure two of your biggest wedding details are taken care of in one shot – film and pictures. For your Sydney wedding, you can trust La Phenomena Photography and Biting Designs Wedding Video to capture your most memorable day without intrusion or interruption, and deliver outstanding high-resolution images and film.

We’re proud to have shared Jessica and Nebojsa’s wedding celebration, and we wish the couple a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations from all of us at Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography!

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