Sydney Harbour Wedding

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Sydney Harbour Wedding

The establishing shot: Whether it’s the first time you laid eyes on one another, or the moment you each said “I Love You”, it’s where you’re love story first began. For Melinda and Blair on their wedding day, it’s the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Wedding cinematography provides lasting memories for brides and grooms, turning their special Sydney Harbour Wedding day into a cinematic masterpiece. With Biting Designs, not a moment is missed, as skilled videographers capture even the most minute detail and portray it in a captivating new way.

The black and white shot: Because love is colorful, vibrant, passionate, but also simple in concept. As Blair’s father’s voice resonates over the scene, the passion in his words, the smile on Blair’s face, are a reminder that marriage is not always black and white, but sometimes a whole palette of emotion, thoughts, and memories.

With different cinematic techniques, Biting Designs can transform a traditional moment into a memory that will delight an audience for ages. A slow-motion bouquet toss- the anticipation of who’s next to be married – heightens the tension until it lands in the arms of a lucky lady.

The soft focus shot: Reminding the newlyweds to never lose sight of one another. As the backdrop blurs, and the past becomes distance, the camera widens revealing two lovers, two hearts, two souls, intensely focused on the eyes of the other.

Melinda and Blair turned up the fun, and Biting Designs turned up the film speed, at the reception, portraying bursts of dancing, laughing, and guest interaction. A combination of skill mixed with precision editing delivers a cinematic journey through the beautiful day of Melinda and Blair.

The backlit shot: As the wedding ends, the couple shares a kiss under the moonlight, soft white light illuminating their silhouette. A moment where time stands still and nothing else exists except the gentle embrace.

As the camera rotates alongside their marital ride, this may be the final scene in their wedding film, but it’s merely the establishing shot of a lifetime of happiness. Biting Designs wishes congratulations to Melinda and Blair.

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