Sergeants Mess Sydney, Wedding Video Highlights.

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“I followed my heart again”

As Anna scrolls her pen across the page, in a private moment lost in thought, her audio tells the story of her heart’s true love.

Anna and Bob were married at Sergeants Mess in the beautiful Sydney Harbor. As a young girl, Anna often watched her grandmother prepare to join two people together in wedded bliss, and it was finally her turn. With Grannie as their official, Anna and Bob sealed their future as husband and wife amidst the gorgeous views of the sparkling water and breathtaking landscape of Sergeants Mess.

A little rain on your wedding day is said to be good luck, and Anna and Bob didn’t let a few showers stop their ceremonies. Large picture windows brought in the light and washed away any clouds, portraying the perfect amount of light on their beautiful wedding ceremony. Anna and Grannie share a bond, which only makes the ceremony that much more special.

Her two sisters by her side, and a loving family gathering close, Anna recognized her husband Bob and thanked each guest for their love and support. As Anna and Bob cascaded across the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple, Anna’s smile couldn’t be warmer or more genuine.

Perfectly matched with the invitingly modern décor of Sergeants Mess, the bridesmaids lavender dresses kept the wedding theme classic and feminine. A picturesque beauty against a stunning backdrop, Anna was the center of attention.

After their guests enjoyed a gourmet meal, prepared by world renowned Chef Robert Crichton, the head chef at Sergeants Mess, it was time to get the party started. The band fired up their instruments, and Bob pulled his new bride close as he danced.

When the beautiful lavender, pink and antique white rose bouquet that Anna carried was tossed, it was her bridesmaid, and sister who took the prize. A few petals harmed in the process, but it was all in fun.

To round out the day, Captain Cook Cruises arranged a spectacular boat tour around the harbor. Biting captured the magnificence of Sydney Harbor during the couple’s wedding cruise, with the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge perfectly painted along the horizon. As they boarded the boat, they set sail on their first journey into married life.

Biting Designs captured the essence of Anna and Bob’s wedding day with the final shot, a perfectly formed heart, made from the bride and grooms fingers joining together, as they walk along the promenade, reminding us all to follow our hearts. Congratulations, Bob and Anna.

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