Serbian Wedding

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Serbian Wedding

“That feeling that I had when I saw Alexandra from the first ever night…”

When your heart is full, when love has descended upon thee and delivered to you the most magnificent partner for which to share your life, there is no greater feeling in the world. Bride and Groom Alexandra and George know exactly what it means to have found the perfect someone, as they celebrated their union in marriage at Doltone House on Darling Island, allowing Biting Designs the opportunity to film their special Serbian wedding day.

Keeping with the customs of a traditional Balkan wedding, George and Alexandra seamlessly blended both cultural and modern wedding practices to create an elegant and stylish ceremony and reception. Serbian wedding traditions have influenced several modern conventions seen commonly at wedding receptions, such as the tossing of the bouquet and carrying the bride over the threshold.

George and his friends practiced “shooting the apple,” a Serbian wedding custom that has been modified in modern day. An apple is hung high in a tree close to the bride’s house, and to see the bride, the groom must shoot the apple out of the tree. George leaps from the ground to retrieve the apple, as the Serbian flag flies nearby.

Along with family and friends, George and Alexandra celebrated their nuptials in a traditional Serbian ceremony, complete with crowns placed on top of the couple’s heads, which represent sacrifice and unwavering devotion.

Doltone House provided an excellent venue for the lovers’ Balkan wedding reception, with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and skyline. With state-of-the-art AV capabilities and stunning floor to ceiling windows, this waterfront location is beautifully modern and conventional.

After heartfelt thanks and many toasts by loved ones, George once more puts his heart on display for the guests, ensuring that destiny was always on their side. Modernizing one more traditional Balking wedding custom, the guests danced the night away to a live saxophone player, the couple’s take on the local brass band tradition.

Biting Designs is proud to offer the newlyweds lasting memories in the form of expert wedding cinematography. Congratulations George and Alexandra!

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