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Harry & Priscilla

“There is one kind of love that is really hard to find…it took me a while to find it” admitted Priscilla on her wedding day. But when she met Harry, one night in Hong Kong, she declared that she “found all the security I lost when I left my mother’s house.”

After that fateful night in Hong Kong, Harry and Priscilla began planning a life together…and a wedding that would honour his Greek heritage and her Brazilian roots. Biting Designs were invited to be a part of their big day, to capture the many special moments in a beautiful cinematic video.

The most noticeable thing about Priscilla on the day of her wedding was what a stunningly carefree bride she made. Her white wedding dress was cinched at the waist with a traditional sash, whilst sheer lace crept up from her décolletage to cover her slim shoulders. Her beautiful long hair was worn loose and adorned with a simple headband ornamented with a floral design. But what really stood out was how happy she looked; her wide smile and sparkling eyes added a definite charm that would be impossible to replicate with mere ornaments.

Priscilla’s bridesmaids wore jumpsuits in a flattering shade of Persian Orange, cut from an indulgent flowing material that created an extremely elegant silhouette. Recently named by In Style magazine as one of the hottest wedding trends of the year, the softly toned jumpsuits were just one of the many examples of how on trend and yet how personally individual Priscilla and Harry tailored their wedding.

During the moving ceremony elements of their cultural backgrounds were on show, most noticeably during the traditional Greek “crowning” ceremony, in which white wreaths were blessed and placed upon the heads of the bride and groom. After the ceremony the beaming couple emerged to a colourful shower of confetti, eliciting laughs and smiles from the happy pair.

After photos with the wedding party by the Sydney ocean baths, the celebration moved on to the beautifully decorated reception venue at Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay; that was awash with simple white satin and elegant candlelight. A feature of the wedding reception was the artfully personalised wedding cake, at first glance, a traditional three-tier creation. But upon closer inspection, you could see that the three tiers were in fact stacked white suitcases, topped by a bride, a groom and a world globe and finished off with tiny Greek and Brazilian flags; a touching symbol of their history as a couple and their individual heritages.

After moving speeches that included a beautiful tribute from the bride to her mother and a hilarious anecdote from one of the groomsman, the groom himself brought tears to Priscilla’s eyes when he declared: “You are my love, my support, my soulmate.”

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