Randolph & Grozdana

Project Description

From the rustic outback scenery where the couple had their photos taken to the dance floor where they had their first dance as husband and wife, we at biting designs captured it all. Randolph and Grozdana allowed us to tell their story. Filming them get ready for their big day was a privilege as Biting Designs had the chance to witness the preparation that went into the extravagant occasion that unfolded. Pairing the song “stand with you” (the couple chose) with footage of them both each at home, connected the two beyond their locations at the time and allows us to appreciate their far reaching love. Crossing to the church Biting Designs shot their walk toward the alter as the priest spoke words of love, panning along the pews we display the importance of family as both the bride’s and groom’s loved ones are shown.

Upon arrival at the reception at Hills Lodge Hotel Castle Hill, colours of gold, white and countryside green emerge from all around, sunflowers and fairy lights creating a gentle aura. When the father of the bride made his speech saying they “will build a pretty special life together” shots of the first dance are displayed, symbolic of these words. As the night takes off so does the music, we film friends and family coming to join the couple for some good old boogie.  An overhead shot  captures the happy couple dance toward their guests to the lyrics “we can concur the world” visually showing the magnitude of their love. Filming Grozdana’s sister tell us how the two met in a rather quirky and awkward way, material of the two and their eccentric dance moves confirm this could in fact be true. It was our pleasure to be able to join in on the fun, filming the suspenseful throwing of the bouquet, Balkan rhythms – Randolph & Grozdana’s Story.

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