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Oatlands House Wedding Video

Under a descriptive blue sky, between the Roman-inspired columns a new love begins: the love of husband and wife. Michael and Ivy joined their past with their future, combining their love for one another into a single entity of unity in the presence of their friends and family. Biting Designs joined the couple at Oatlands House, a beautiful backdrop for wedding cinematography.Spanning five full acres of garden landscape, Oatlands House is the perfect setting for a Sydney wedding. Elegance through Georgian architecture, Oatlands House provides couples with gourmet cuisine, unique ceremony space, and reception rooms to meet almost any size celebration.Surrounded by his five groomsmen, Michael relaxes before the ceremony with a game of pool as Ivy and her bridesmaids enjoy pampering the bride. During the ceremony, Ivy walked down the stone aisle, flanked by more architectural columns, as guests fawned at her beauty from between. The couple’s first dance as husband and wife, twirling from a mist of clouds skirting along the dance floor, set the tone for the reception.

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