Nicholas and Alexis

Project Description

Biting Designs had the absolute pleasure to be asked to capture the wedding of Nicholas and Alexis recently.  Anna – a truly lovely lady and Nicholas’s mum had already asked us to film the wedding of her daughter Savina earlier this year. A testament to our good name, hard work and the dedication we have to producing a wedding video tailor made to our couples needs, we were delighted to be called upon once more.

At Biting Designs we love filming weddings in Australia – we just never know what to expect and each new wedding is a new challenge. From a wide range of cultures; different styles of celebrations from church to the beach; customs; religious services or the use of celebrants. The one thing all weddings have in common is the love between the happy couple, and we enjoy bringing that out in a visual story form.

Nicholas and Alexis had known each other for fifteen years; a lot can happen during this time; so the music used in their video was chosen to reflect their story.

Alexis’s stunning dress hanging ready to wear, close ups of the rings, Nicholas dressing, Alexis sipping champagne with the family. Those intimate moments at home, the nerves, the joy and the excitement. The unique peaceful moments at the Villa Rosa Reception centre in Leichardt – tables and chairs, close up shots of the cake, the chair decorations, the candles, all these are not just objects but part of the story.

From Alexis’s walk down the aisle, the friends and family in attendance just beaming with pride and happiness, the ceremony and signing the registry  Biting Designs has captured a couple in love, with so much to tell. Hyde Park always produces something interesting  no matter how many times we filmed in there. This time Nicholas and Alexis had a casual dance to the tunes of street performer.

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