Natalie & Christopher, Wedding Film.

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Natalie & Christopher

What could be more perfect than strolling hand in hand through the park with the person you love most in this world? And in the case of Natalie and Christopher, what could be a more fitting location for the day they became man and wife? After all, their love story began with a walk in the park. In 2002, Natalie was walking her dog through a vacant block of land next door to Christopher’s house. He saw her. He whistled. She stopped. Their lives changed.

This memory, recounted by Christopher in heartfelt detail during his wedding speech, was captured in the beautiful wedding video produced by Biting Designs. Wedding videos need to do more than record what is happening. They need to encapsulate the entire scene: portraying the emotions, the memories, the way the light fell at that moment on that day. On Natalie and Christopher’s wedding day, these moments have been preserved by Biting Designs, as the happy couple took a walk through Bicentennial Park, Sydney. As the bride and groom strolled through the soothing greenery of Sydney’s iconic Bicentennial Park they looked completely at ease with both the beautiful natural setting and with each other.

A touching feature of Natalie and Christopher’s wedding video is the incorporation of the personalised parts of their ceremony, such as the lighting of the wedding candle, a tradition that symbolises the coming together of two families in unity. The moving moment when the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom stepped up to light their respective candles has been preserved in this wedding video and can now be shared with the new generations of this now extended family.

The al fresco theme of Natalie and Christopher’s wedding was apparent in many small elements incorporated into their special day. The floral edging of Natalie’s white lace gown. The greenery included in the groomsmen’s lapels. The rosebud detail on the multi-tiered wedding cake. And finally, it was apparent in the elaborate greenery, with mauve and cream roses that turned their wedding reception venue into an indoor garden.

It was during the wedding reception that the happy couple’s playful side emerged. As they arrived at their reception, a fantastic pyrotechnic display illuminated the entrance, which they danced through, laughing all the while. The pyrotechnics appeared again later, lighting up the dance floor as they enjoyed their first dance as man and wife. A memorable end to a beautiful day, and it all began with a walk in the park.

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