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A wedding is one of the monumental occasions in the life of a person, for it represents the love commitment, and passion held for another person. For as long as history has been recorded, the wedding has played a substantial role in the development of regimes, distribution of land, and union of factions, so it only makes sense that such a cultural importance would be placed on the event.

Though the history is similar, and the customs and traditions can pass from person to person, every wedding is unique to the couple. For Nikki and Matt, Sydney’s own Biting Designs set out to amplify their individual memories, using stunning wedding cinematography that captures every detail of their special day.

Along with a video of the celebration, wedding photographs are another cherished keepsake for not only the bride and groom, but their families as well. La Phenomena Photography, in partner with Biting Designs offers couples an affordable wedding package to ensure not a single moment is missed.

Nikki and Matt opted for mesmerizing wedding photography, set in a beautiful garden landscape that highlighted the happy couple’s embraced silhouette and complimented the muted pinks and ivories of the coordinating wedding décor and bridesmaids.

From the exchange of vows to every toast and speech made in honor of the couple, Biting Designs’ cameras heard it all. Matt will never forget the mention of his childhood culinary delights (cheese and bread), while Nikki will forever cherish the first-time Matt called her his wife.

La Phenomena’s professional wedding photographers understand composition and design, framing each shot of Matt and Nikki to perfectly capture the moment in all its environment. Whether it’s intimate shots, like a close-up of a kiss, or a wide-angled panorama of the bridal party descending the garden stairs, Nikki and Matt have a wide variety of images to commemorate their day.

Opting for a wedding package that delivers both film quality wedding cinematography and stunning still wedding photography can make the couple’s special day a little more affordable. With Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography, Matt and Nikki will be able to share their wedding day with.

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