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Allan & Andrea

Framed by the sun’s illuminating rays, Allan and Andrea embrace along the natural Sydney coastline, washed by the waves of light dancing along their skin, as the gentle ripples of the water create the most beautiful gradient backdrop.

It’s capturing moments like these that take wedding memories to the next level. It’s not just recording the action, or taking a still image of the scene – instead it’s finding the way to make the emotion and beauty of your special day tangible in an artistic way.  La Phenomena Photography provides newlyweds with their own galleria of stunning images, truly embracing the spirit of the couple and channeling the energy of the day they became one.

Allan and Andrea were a pleasure to film, as they kept their theme focused on the natural seascape of Sydney. They opted to host their wedding day at Dunes Restaurant and Kiosk, which, situated among the sand dunes of North Palm Beach, created the perfect atmosphere.

When planning a Sydney wedding, deciding on the right photographer is an important part in ensuring your memories last a lifetime. With combined packages from La Phenomena Photography and Biting Designs Wedding Video, couples like Allan and Andrea get the peace of mind of having beautiful, expert wedding photos and cinematography that they can share with many generations to come.

Biting Designs uses 360 -degree aerial cameras to get a bird’s eye view of the landscape, flora, and coastline, creating a whole new way to see the celebration. This cinematic angle was great for Allan and Andrea, as it offered spectacular views of the sand dunes and the greenery, with the boundless blue water behind them.

Whether it’s a subtle look between the adoring couple, special words shared from loved ones, or a moment as prominent as the first dance together, combined packages using La Phenomena Photography and Biting Designs Wedding Video for your Sydney wedding means no moment is left undocumented.

We’re proud to have been a part of Allan and Andrea’s spectacular wedding, as the love they share was abundant and easy to photograph. Biting Designs and La Phenomena wish the happy couple a lifetime of smiles and memories. Congratulations!


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