La Perouse Wedding

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The story of Nicky and Sean began online. With a few clicks, a connection was made. Chatting online for a while they agreed to meet. After enjoying a dinner date together, they fell in an instant and so began their blossoming love. Nicky had uncovered her prince charming in an unlikely place. Of all love stories, theirs is a true modern fairy tale.

The morning began with a bright and cheerful tone. Sean and his groomsmen dressed for the big day ahead. Buttoning his shirt, the groom beamed with joy, undoubtedly envisioning his beautiful wife to be. Nicky’s bridesmaids lace her into her strapless sweetheart bodice. Brilliant pendant earrings complement the intricate crystalline beading of her ensemble as did the fascinator that pins her soft cascading curls to one side.

A white and turquoise Kombi ferries the bride to the idyllic La Perouse.  Her full and flowing gown billows in the ocean breeze as her mother accompanies her across the lawn to the altar where her beloved anxiously awaits her. In this emotionally moving ceremony Nicky and Sean declare their love for one another; Nicky fights back tears as she professes “No matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life.” Such a tender moment and a beautiful testament to the love and friendship shared between this couple.

Photographs ensue as everyone takes full advantage of the natural beauty La Perouse has to offer. The wedding party stroll, arm in arm across the lawn before a stunning 19th-century tower. The bride clutches a gradient bouquet of florals which perfectly complements her bridesmaid’s elegant empire waisted gowns. Stealing some time alone Sean and Nicky stood locked in an embrace. He places a soft lingering kiss upon his wife’s forehead, her eyes close as she exudes an air of fulfilment. The mutual adoration was clearly visible between the couple.

Entering their reception the newlyweds are met with applause. Ceiling to floor drapes line the walls and gold organza sashes hug every seat. The couple cut into a decadent three-tier cake adorned with pastel blossoms. Atop their cake, the golden words “Yes Dear” glitters in the warming lights strung across the room. Taking the floor they hold each other close, their eyes fixated on each other, appearing oblivious to their surroundings. A flurry of bubbles dances around them as they sway to the music in this enchanting scene and Biting Designs were there to capture and preserve this and many other precious moments throughout the day. Family and friends gave speeches that were heartfelt and reminiscent. Playful and modest was the tone as the groom recalls the moments in which he met and fell in love with his bride. He thanked those who stood by the couple and remembered those who weren’t present to share their special day, before proposing a toast to his lovely wife Nicky. May they live a long and happy life together.

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