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“Share. Share between the two of you.”

Hand in hand as the sun shines down from above, Adam and Katim begin their forever of sharing with a stunning Korean wedding celebration. Biting Designs, an expert in Sydney wedding cinematography, captured each beautiful moment, turning a glimpse of time into a lifelong memory.

In a traditional Korean wedding, the bride and groom’s families meet for the first time, and the celebration is mostly planned for the guests. Adam and Katim found the perfect combination of traditional and modern Korean wedding celebrations, and although their families have known each other since high school, the bride and groom kept the focus on the family at the reception.

One very important part of a Korean wedding is that the couple is not just committing to each other, but to each other’s family as well. As evidenced by the heartfelt speeches made throughout the reception by brothers, sisters, fathers and family, the newlyweds made their family an important part of the entire process and were delighted to spend the day with those they love the most.

From their first kiss as husband and wife, to a deeply personal toast to their newfound future, Adam and Katim took the Korean wedding idea of sharing and opened their hearts to each and every guest in attendance. After a simple ceremony, the bride and groom brought “sexy back” to the party, and shared a playful dance after being announced as husband and wife.

While this couple modified Korean wedding tradition to fit their tastes and family preferences, the amount of beauty and purity expressed through the way they look at each other ensures that their love is limitless.

Biting Designs is proud to have shared their own role in creating lasting memories for the bride and groom on their special Korean wedding day. Providing brilliant film-quality wedding cinematography to newlyweds throughout Sydney, Biting Designs helps every couple feel like the romantic love story stars they are.

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