Joe & Patris, Orso Reception Centre.

Project Description

Love was definitely in the air at the Orso reception centre, which played host to the Greek/Italian wedding of  Joe and Patrice. In this cinematic wedding video, Biting designs brings forth a visual depiction of fun, youthful and electric romance, as mentioned by Salvatore Coco. From the first few moments, the audience can instantly understand the intensity of their love. With the rays of the sun casting something of a majestic barrier around the two love-birds, it’s clear that nothing else matters to these two when they have each other.

Totally convinced of the lyrics in the song, which we at Biting Designs thought appropriate to use in this footage: “We were meant to be together” and after all it was the bridal waltz selection. As speeches began to unravel, Biting Designs Wedding Video inserted a panned shot of the countless photo frames present in their home, most of which illustrate Joe as a family man. We think this captured perfectly, the essence of what Patrice’s brother revealed in his speech; his happiness to have someone like Joe join their family and gel so well with everybody. In the presence of God, the newlyweds lit candles as they held hands, creating an enchanted vibe. The close-up shot highlighted the beginning of their own married lives, lit by the sparks of their love and forever promising to light up their lives and bring warmth into their relationship with the heat from their hearts beating side. As the day unfolded and the couple decided to take photos for keepsake, Sydney wedding video shot Joe and Patrice effortlessly strolling along the sand, hand in hand. In this footage, their vow to love one another both in sickness and in health is figuratively represented; with bright green bountiful leaves to their left and lifeless grey weeds to their right. Their wedding ceremony and reception emanated an angelic, ‘clear as Chrystal feel’. Silver, white, baby blue and sky blue were the dominant colours, together with lace, embroidery and shine from various trinkets. Although the occasion was elegant and organised, there came the time to let your hair down and raise your hands. The chicken dance was a welcomed source of laughter, with Joe showing us all how to be a rooster. He definitely made us laugh and if one thing’s for sure, Biting Designs wouldn’t mind having Joe in our contacts, for when we need a good laugh too.



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