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There are love stories that can melt your heart.  The story of Isabel and Jack is one of them, even for a seasoned veteran in cinematic wedding videography.  Their story had to be told and we at Biting Designs were grateful to be the ones who got to tell it.

“Isabel, you’re my first love.  My last love.  I’ll always love you forever.”

And with those words of proposal, the tale of their wedding (and their forever) began.

Isabel gushes over the support, love, and kindness that her Navy man Jack supports her with and Jack looks at his bride with bursting pride and adoration.  “I will do everything in my power to make her happy.” Jack says of his Bride, and you can tell in his eyes that he truly means it.

For the ceremony held at McKell Park in Sydney, the Bride wore a flowing lace gown with beautifully accented shoulder caps and the Groom was terrifically dapper in his tuxedo.  The smirks, stolen glances, and shared smiles throughout the ceremony were enough to make the most stoic tear up as they exchanged vows, surrounded by their bridesmaids and groomsmen, all wearing similarly flowing blue gowns and classic black and white tuxes respectively.  Isabel, flanked by her parents, walked down a path of white flower petals.

The reception held at Sergeants Mess in Sydney was the very definition of celebration, with beautiful words from Jack’s mother, as well as a joyous celebration of Australia being a country that allowed for the celebration of their Russian and Jewish heritage. Words from all whom spoke were words that spoke to the incredible love shared by Isabel and Jack, and all best wishes for a continued happy life together.  The night continued with bubbling champagne, vodka, and joyous dancing. Biting Design Wedding Video was grateful to capture this most amazing love story on this, their most incredible night. What an amazing Jewish wedding in Sydney! Mazel Tov!

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