Ioannis & Cara, Wedding Video Sydney.

Project Description

Ioannis and Cara, two people going about their own lives on board the same train, were oblivious to the fact that in the space of their journey, they would soon discover their soul mate in one another, and that ordinary day would quickly become the beginning of their extraordinary lives together. Needless to say Biting Designs Sydney Wedding Video are proud to be visually telling this adorable love story in this cinematic wedding video! We show a close-up shot, of the two wedding bands overlapping one another representing the shared lives Cara and Ioannis will now be living, the bold golden bands just symbols of their love for each other that brought them to this day. As Cara’s engagement ring glistens, resting on an ever so light eucalyptus branch, Sydney Wedding Video, thought it appropriate to have the lyrics in the background confirming, what we all witness: “Like a diamond so bright”. Bright, like the sparkle in one another’s eyes when the two newlyweds hold each other.

Shades of pink were evident as the decorative colour in their Italian village reception as well as on those who were special enough to be part of the bridal party; whether it was in the form of a rose pinned to a suit, or the roses forming the flower bouquets. Their love for one another is captured in many shots throughout our footage, from their stroll along the beauty that is Sydney Harbour, where they take sips of champagne with each step, to the big smile and joy that’s seen on Cara’s face when Ioannis whispers in her ear. Whilst Ioannis’ s Brother in Law raises a toast to his new sister-in-law and her husband, we insert a clip of the happy couple kissing amidst the backdrop of the Sydney Opera House at dusk, with the gorgeous blue-pink sky. Despite dusk typically being a metaphor for the closing or end of something, here in this instance it’s just the end of two separate lives, but the beginning of something greater; a full, joyous and shared life for the couple.  As they say, when one door closes another one opens.

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