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When it comes to beautiful weddings filled with culture, grace, and tradition, few celebrations can match the pageantry of an Indian wedding.  Hindi weddings are steeped in rich tradition, time honored ceremonies, and lavish decorations.  And if the Engagement Party that we at Biting Design (complete with our wedding video drone) had the pleasure of capturing is any indication, the Hindi wedding of Rajeev and Divashni will be no exception.

Rajeev and his betrothed both radiated with an intense and visible adoration for one another, both dressed in modern styles that paid homage to their heritage.  During the traditional engagement festivities for the impending Indian wedding, the couple wore traditional garb that was every bit as lavish and exquisite as the hall they were inhabiting.  Divashni was adorned in intricate henna while Rajeev looked dashing in his suit with his tie matching her delicately beaded floor length dress and beautiful headpiece at the party held after the traditional celebration.

One by one, family members regaled the crowd in tales of the love that Rajeev and Divashni share, as well as bestow the couple with gifts of jewelry and other traditional offerings.  If Hindi weddings are among the most beautiful and spiritually moving weddings among all varieties of wedding, then it should also be noted that the pageantry and extravagance of the Indian engagement party is second to none.  And as the couple both said some parting words of thanks and love to their guests, they danced the rest of the night away, basking in the glow of each other’s love.

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