Hindu Wedding Ceremony.

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Two beautiful traditions in two beautiful surroundings were the backdrop for the joining of two beautiful souls – and Biting Designs Wedding Video was blessed to have been there for both.

Shaun and Sureen had not one, but two glorious weddings, one with the traditional Hindu Wedding ceremony and the following day in a church.  The ornate, intricate, and gorgeous  Hindu ceremony featured numerous purple flowers, henna for the bride, and Ganesh overseeing the entire affair.  As the bride was finalizing preparations, the groom arrived via a white limousine, wearing white with purple accents, and with the other festivity revelers, danced their way into the hall where the ceremony was to take place.  The room was electric as Sureen took her turn to enter the room, escorted by her father, and looking radiant in gold and purple.  The ceremony, which included the giving of the bride by her parents, traditional readings, words of love and wisdom, and culminated in what was described as “The most important part of the Hindu ceremony”, following the seven steps  that were symbolic of the seven vows of marriage, and seven steps that they would take together.

And then, it was time to celebrate.  As the fire burned on the ceremonial altar, the party began to take off, with a buffet of delicious foods and enthusiastic dancing.  The smiles in the room were contagious, making it impossible for the team at Biting Designs Wedding Video not to smile and join in the merriment.  The ceremony and the impending festivities were easily among the most colorful and vibrant that we’ve had the honor of partaking in.  Shaun and Sureen were surrounded by the love of their friends and family, but most beautiful of all was the love that the bride and groom obviously showed for each other.

…and they were just getting warmed up.

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