Gunners Barracks

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Gunners Barracks Historic Sydney Venue

The lacy train of Jennifer’s wedding dress sweeps across the grass, scallops of beautiful white fabric grazing the field outside Sydney’s harbor. Jennifer and Geoffrey walk hand in hand toward their new life as husband and wife.

Mixing the traditional red of a Chinese wedding in decorations throughout the bride’s home, Jennifer’s soft pink of the bridesmaids’ dresses created a clean and classic style with a touch of innocence and femininity, and Biting Designs was there to capture every little detail. Offering expert wedding cinematography, Biting Designs seals the memories created for the couple to share for generations to come.

After a beautiful church ceremony, the newlyweds held a classic reception at the Historic Gunners Barracks, which offers breathtaking views of the Sydney Harbor. Gunners Barracks is a popular wedding venue, giving guests the option of bespoke details to match the theme of their dream day. The restored heritage setting, constructed in 1873, helps brides and grooms create memories that last a lifetime.

No matter what the occasion, the staff at the Gunners Barracks in Sydney create an atmosphere to complement every event, from gourmet menus that utilize the freshest seasonal ingredients, to the interior details of bespoke style. The courtyard, terrace, and lawn views of the Sydney Harbor and Chowder Bay set a backdrop of elegance and romance for any couple’s special day.

During the reception, Jennifer and Geoffrey perform a traditional tea service, where the bride and groom serve tea to the elders. Guests were also encouraged to add their fingerprint to a “Family Tree”, a memento for the newlyweds to cherish for years to come.

A final kiss, against the vibrant blue waters swirling in the background, is nothing more than the next chapter of a beautiful love story. Biting Designs is happy to congratulate Jennifer and Geoffrey on their marriage.

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