Frank & Gloria, Canberra Wedding Video Highlights.

Project Description

Frank and Gloria:  Biting Designs Wedding Videography

Priceless.  Irreplaceable.  Treasured.  This is Frank and Gloria’s love.

When Frank and Gloria chose to document their spectacular wedding day, Biting Designs Wedding Videography was the clear winner.  From the opening scenes until the bride and groom drive away, you can feel the love throughout.
From the beginning scenes, Gloria is absolutely glowing.  She exudes happiness.  She is everything a bride should be on her wedding day.
Frank is ready.  He cannot wait to see his bride, and once he finally does, his emotion is heartfelt.  He is everything a groom should be on his wedding day.
The cinematic wedding video of Frank and Gloria’s day captured each little detail of their joyous wedding day, from the shoes to the beautiful flowers to the cake.  Not only that, speeches and vows were captured in full audio so that those words will forever be remembered.   And who would ever want to forget the heartfelt speech from Frank’s dad that brought many tears to guest’s eyes?  Or Frank’s sweet and light-hearted toast to his new bride?
Just to add to the video, Biting Designs (Canberra Wedding Video) also attended on-location photo shoots.  The beautiful wedding photography also became part of Biting Designs’ video, showing the fun and laughs that were had at each shoot.
What makes the best wedding video even better?  The answer to that question is personality.  Being able to see the bride and groom’s personalities is the thing that brings a smile to everyone’s face.  Frank and Gloria are truly in love and a truly fun couple, and you see this clearly from all of their interactions on their wedding day.  Biting Designs Wedding Videography captured Frank and Gloria, along with all of their laughs so perfectly.  This is a couple that clearly brings out the best in each other.

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