Father Daughter Dance

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Father Daughter Dance

Your dad keeps them inside his heart; the most beautiful memories of you.”

Wedding celebrations focus primarily on the bride and groom as they begin a new journey together as husband and wife. However, there’s another subtle reflection of relationship that occurs between the couple and their parents. Traditionally, the bride was “presented” or “given away” to the groom by her father, as symbol of the two most important men in her life.

Many modern brides opt to keep the parental traditions as part of their ceremony, including the father-daughter dance. Capture the moment in real time with wedding cinematography from Biting Designs, while gorgeous still shots from La Phenomena Photography accompany your memories.

As she sways along the dance floor, lead by her proud father, the bride’s love for the men in her life radiates from her smile. Guided by the rhythm of Enrico Musiani’s sweet serenade, Lauretta Mia, an appropriate ode from dad to daughter, our bride and her father make one more memory together as they dance.

As the lyrics suggest, the parental bond continues through generations, as the bride and baby take center stage. Innocence, joy, and a wish for a happy, healthy future veil the wedding day, as family is an important part of the celebration. Traditions, such as the father-daughter dance, stand the test of time because of the emotion and memories they carry with them.

Wedding cinematography from Biting Designs includes expert editing techniques, such as intercutting moments of the bride and her parents with the father-daughter dance. Whether it’s walking her down the aisle or helping her select the perfect accessory for her big day, La Phenomena Photography captures the importance of the relationship between daughter and parents in a way that’s elegant and relaxed.

Newlyweds can enjoy the most important moments of their wedding anytime, for years to come, when they chose wedding cinematography and wedding photography from La Phenomena Photography. To all our couples and their families, we wish a lifetime of beautiful memories.

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