Dolton House, Jones Bay Wharf

Project Description

Katie and Paul’s wedding was captured in perfect romantic detail with the help of Biting Designs. They’re beautiful cinematic wedding video takes you through each exquisite moment of their special and memorable day. The day begins with Katie and her bridesmaids preparing for the walk down the aisle. Katie’s beautiful princess gown is showcased in many gorgeous shots throughout this video, and she truly did emulate every essence of bridal perfection women hope to have on the day they promise to spend their life with the love they’ve found. Her bridesmaids contrasted her beautifully in different hued gowns with a simple, yet beautiful design that accented the simplicity of this stunning wedding.

Waiting at the end of the aisle was Paul, dressed handsome in a gray suit. Although appearing nervous at first, the second Paul sees his bride walking down the aisle both she and him give off such a sense of joy that everyone in the audience can’t help but smile. As she reaches the end of the aisle, Katie takes Paul’s hands and the nuptials begin. Their love is expressed in romantic confessions by their marriage officiant who brings up the many reasons each of them fell in love with the other. Paul fell for Katie’s kind heart, free spirit, and breathtaking smile. And as Katie would later say, herself, she found her everything she was looking for her- her best friend and soul mate, in Paul. The couple also shared the aisle with Paul’s two beautiful children, Micheal and Seth- who became a part of Katie’s family as well that special day.

As the wedding ends and the two kiss, the crowd erupts in cheers and their night with those closest to them begins. At the Dolton House, Jones Bay Wharf Paul and Katie surround themselves with loved ones and literally dance the night away in one another’s arms. A beautiful tribute to their love is spoken by Katie’s sister, and Paul’s best friend. Micheal and Seth welcome Katie to their family with smiling faces, and Katie’s father treats the crowd to a memorable toast- laughingly teasing that he thought “this day would never come” because “Katie had been through a lot of relationships in the past”. It’s clear that Katie’s love was worth the wait, though- as both Paul and Katie exchange their heartfelt toasts to one another their voices and speeches encase every flawless detail of their true once-in-a-lifetime romance.

The remainder of the night is spent dancing with friends, sharing drinks, and laughing as the newlywed couple soaks in every perfect moment of their first official night together as a married pair. Fireworks beam in the background, love songs play loudly, and every single one of the people there to share their big day with them exhausts themselves in celebration of two soul-mates who’ve found their other half.

As the night ends and Paul and Katie embark on their new adventure as husband and wife (and leave for their honeymoon in Thailand) those of us blessed enough to watch their love unfold in Biting Designs’ cinematic wedding video leave with a renewed faith in perfect partnerships.

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