Darren,Heidi & the Beatles. Wedding Video Sydney.

Project Description

“Spread the love”, the message which was wrapped around the little glass jars, was loud and clear, and at Biting Designs we took the message whole heatedly  and spread the love present between Darren and Heidi, two teachers  from Carlton South Public School. Darren’s love and admiration for the Beatles allowed us to help him express his feelings, since meeting his other half, with the lyrics of his favourite musicians; “Changing my life with the wave of her hand” two people mesmerised by one another, attesting to their connection before God, family and friends.

Biting Designs Sydney Wedding Video were glad to be there and help tell their story. Their tale unravels as we show  the newlyweds sit, hand in hand beside each other in church, as we hear the Beatles convey on behalf of Darren, once more how his wife the gorgeous Heidi makes him feel; “When she’s beside me I know I need never care”. That care-free spirit continues and is even more evident in the footage a midst nature, a backdrop full of green and earthy textures captured by Biting Designs, where the wind seeps through Heidi’s locks and their deep gaze paints a thousand words.

Heidi’s speech was nothing short of tear inducing either, as she spoke words of praise and respect for her husband, mentioning how he enjoyed looking after others, which Biting Designs thought was the ideal moment to insert a shot of the couple standing with the children from Carlton South Public, a  visual depiction of Darren’s love to care for others. Furthermore, their passion for one another is seen at the alter when we hear Darren vow to love and cherish Heidi for as long as they both shall live, at which point we thought it beautifully appropriate to include a panning shot highlighting their interlocking wedding rings as a symbol of their future from there on in; one and the same. It was quite evident that coral was the dominant colour of the magical day, seen from the magnificent flower arrangements, bridal party attire and various décor present during the night. As the night unfolds, the music changed with beats becoming faster and the guests letting loose, dancing the night away. Karaoke was very much enjoyed by the guests as they had an opportunity to grab a microphone and pretended for a few joyous minutes that they were famous artists, perhaps even the  Beatles themselves! Biting Designs Sydney Wedding Video had an amazing night and would like to wish Darren and Heidi nothing but the very best for the future and may their marriage live on, long past the age of the tree trunk  which bore their engraved initials!

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