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In a small country town in New South Wales, a place drenched in cultural history and synonymous with superb local produce, Kira and Michael were pronounced man and wife. Whilst an elaborate city wedding is the dream for many a couple, it was the elegant simplicity of country life, along with the stunning rural landscape that convinced the bride and groom that no other location could match that of Orange as the site for their country wedding celebration. As the sun set over the vineyard, bride and groom were bathed in a soft glow that accurately depicted the sentiment of the day.

The wedding ceremony took place in a traditional country church with soaring cathedral ceilings and brilliant stained glass windows. As the bride walked down the aisle dressed in a fitted cream lace gown, her most beautiful adornment was her beaming smile, directed at her waiting groom. The bouquets of the bride and bridesmaids were simple arrangements of beautiful cream and mauve wildflowers, a wonderful match for the spruce of lavender pinned to the grooms’ lapel.

What really stands out in the cinematic wedding video is the extreme jubilation of Kira and Michael on their wedding day. Kisses are punctuated with laughs and moving words are crowned with smiles. Biting Designs recorded a rare happiness that is as beautiful to watch as a country sunset.

The reception venue was a testament to the charm of country living. A perfect blend of pastoral and elegance, cream linen bows sat alongside simple rough hewn table covers, against a background of aged timber and industrial metal. The venue was set amongst the rolling greenery of a local vineyard, breathtaking in its vast beauty. The wedding cake sat atop an aged wine barrel, capped off with a jaunty black inscription that welcomed the new Mr. & Mrs. Cobcroft, surrounded by clusters of native flowers in antique glass jam jars.

In describing her emotions, Kira declared “I feel so lucky to have found someone so perfect”, before remarking on Michael’s exemplary patience. “I’m a lucky man, it goes without saying”, said Michael in his speech, before affirming to the audience that he had married “the most beautiful girl in the world”. Self proclaimed “best friends”, Michael and Kira could have spoken for hours on the merits of their new life partner.


The magic continued as the couple shared their first dance as a married couple, out in the open country air, beneath a brilliant night sky and surrounded by twinkling fairy lights. His voice thick with emotion, Michael summed up the entire spirit of the day when he told his new wife: “I know that I’ll live every day happily ever after, so long as you’re by my side”.


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