Cinematic Wedding Highlights, Le montage Reception.

Project Description

No one ever thought one stressful day of traveling would lead to a lifetime together. No one except Tim of course.

The couple that travels together, stays together.  Introducing: Mary and Tim, a fun loving couple whose special day was held at Le Montage Reception Centre in Lilyfield. The crystalline sparkle of the water of Iron Cove Bay highlight the subtle glimmer of Mary’s dress as she and Tim cross the dock at Le Montage.

Mary’s father delivered a heartwarming speech, exuding pride and happiness for his daughter. The moment he walks her down the aisle is forever engrained in their memories, and will always be sealed in cinematic form to enjoy for years to come.

Mary and Tim’s wedding video was not only about emphasizing their fun and energetic nature, but also showing their more traditional side as well. During their wedding service, the official performed a Filipino wedding tradition, in which a rope, tied in a figure 8, is loosely placed around the shoulders of the bride and groom, bonding them, uniting them, and tying their future together as one.

From the gorgeously crafted dress hanger that spelled out her new designated nominator, to their first dance as husband and wife, not a detail was spared. Biting even captured the fun inside the limo, as the pink champagne flowed and glasses were raised to honor the happy bride and groom.

Their first dance as husband and wife captivated the room, as Mary twirled into Tim waiting arms, the pure white of her dress contrasting beautiful with the darkened room. There’s nothing else that matters at that moment, and Biting Designs proved so by focusing just on the couple. A blended transition to Tim and Mary at the water’s edge, recreating their dance, as the water sways in unison behind them.

Tim and Mary didn’t let the fun stop there. After dinner, toasts, and a lot of heartfelt emotion from family and friends, the party was just beginning. From photo booths to dance floor mania, Biting Designs stayed on top of the action, helping to turn one day of celebration into a lifetime of memories.

Le Montage’s beautiful backdrop and banquet rooms, coupled with an awesome bride and groom, made this wedding as much fun to film as it was for their guests. Although they have traveled together in the past, Tim and Mary are embarking on their first journey as husband and wife. We wish them all the best, and hope they enjoy all that Biting Designs wedding cinematography has to offer them.

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