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When the dragon and the phoenix meet, the heavens and earth become balanced in love, luck and happiness.

Chun and Cyndi’s special day was a modernized Chinese celebration in Sydney, combining Western wedding style with traditional Asian flair. The couple exchanged vows at the Interdenominational War Memorial Chapel, located on the coastal suburb of Little Bay. The Little Bay chapel overlooks the water, and provides spectacular views of the lush green fields and crystal beaches. Biting Designs used drones to capture the aerial footage of the chapel, which was beautifully restored after a fire in the fall of 1981. The use of drones for filming gives the viewer a bird’s eye view of the ceremony, like a phoenix flying overhead.

In keeping with tradition, Chun and Cyndi incorporated a Chinese tea ceremony into their wedding day festivities. In Chinese lore, tea is a symbol of purity, stability, and fertility, making the custom an important part of the couple’s celebration. With Chun on the right and Cyndi on the left, they kneel in front of their parents and serve them tea. Traditionally, tea is served with respect for seniority, as parents are served first, then grandparents, followed by uncles, aunts, and then elder siblings.

The color red is vital in a Chinese wedding, from the red silk donned at the tea ceremony, to the customary red wedding dress worn at the reception. It’s believed that brides who wear red on their wedding day begin their new life with good fortune, love, and happiness. Often, designs of dragons, flowers, and a phoenix are decorating the Chinese dress, with gold being a primary accent color. Cyndi stayed true to tradition as her scarlet red wedding dress was just one of three she wore throughout her day.

As if the reception venue was created especially for their wedding, the Sky Phoenix restaurant in Sydney’s central business district was the perfect accommodation for the newlyweds and their guests. In Chinese culture, the phoenix represents the favor of heaven, bestowing virtue, luck, and happiness onto the couple. The dragon and the phoenix together are the ultimate balance of power, representing the bride and groom together in harmonious union. Sky Phoenix caters to the contemporary Chinese style, and is the premier location for Chinese dining in Sydney.

Biting Designs captured every moment of Chun and Cyndi’s special day, including the groom’s beautiful serenade. Radiant in red, whimsical in white, and idyllic in ivory, Cyndi was a picturesque bride, no matter what color her dress was. As the dragon nestles with the phoenix, Biting Designs wishes Chun and Cyndi a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations!

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