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With the beautiful panoramic views of Darling Harbour as a backdrop, Andrew and Taylor began their life together as husband and wife. The couple hosted a modern reception with hints of vintage charm at Dockside, which situated in the heart of Cockle Bay, makes it a premium wedding venue, and a great spot to shoot a Sydney Wedding Video.

With a ceremony and venue as unique as theirs, it was extremely important to capture the tone right from the start. Before being placed upon her hand, the wedding ring serves as an homage to the couple’s choice of venue. Sparkling atop the wooden bird decor of a ship’s mast, Andrew’s wedding ring crowns a story all their own.
With a stunning ivory bouquet against an antique white dress, Taylor was a picturesque bride as she walked down the aisle toward Andrew. The pure joy in his face as he laid eyes upon his soon to be wife is the perfect definition of true love.
As Andrew’s father stated: “He drove thousands of miles to be close to her”, and yet, as they embark on their new adventure, Andrew and Taylor’s journey is just beginning. From the love of both of their parents, to the speeches and genuine excitement on the faces of their loved ones, this was truly a wedding that exuded emotion and fun.
The modern venue complimented the innocence of the pink bridesmaids dresses, and the sparkle of the beads against Taylor’s dress were accented by the interior’s perfectly designed reflective surfaces and lighting. As the couple posed on the dock alongside the harbor, the water provides a picture perfect landscape for the start of their new beginning.
The couple really took advantage of the beauty that Dockside has to offer, and found many photo opportunities amongst the scenery. As they share a bench on the green, looking out at the harbor, Taylor’s hand meets Andrew’s in a private and intimate moment of emotion and excitement.
When the vows were said and the rings exchanged, the speeches given and the couple announced, it was time to party. Bringing in cultural aspects from both families, the bride and groom and their guest enjoyed a night of joyful dancing and celebration.
Careful detail and considerable planning was put into making their day special, so it was only appropriate to capture the same details in their wedding video. From the slightest sparkle of their silver monogrammed cake topper, to the solitary tear of Joy streaking down Taylor’s face, it’s the littlest details that hold the most emotion. As they embark on a new journey in the sea of marital bliss, we congratulate Taylor and Andrew!

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