Aiden & Shafaq, Highlights

Project Description

Modern wedding with a middle eastern flavor. Aiden and Shafaq are an amaizing couple. Our favorite shot of them was in Sydney Harbour. The video begins with the preparations, moves on to the ceremony and finally to the joyous reception, with a mix of modern and traditional tunes. The very mention of an Arabic wedding brings to mind all sorts of elements to the imagination but the whole affair was simple and down-to-earth same as the lovely couple Aiden and Shafaq. Aiden looked very handsome and confident throughout the video while Shafaq looked absolutely exquisite.

An Arabic wedding demands class and we believe our wedding cinematography captured all the necessary elements; the couple themselves, the beautiful Eden Garden venue, the classic car, the occasional black &white and the fun traditional Arabic Wedding beats. Class and fun seems contradictory but believe it or not, Aiden and Shafaq’s wedding was absolutely lively. Arabic weddings are very joyous occasions filled with song and dance. We believe we left nothing of that out in this Biting Designs Wedding Video. Concept of romance, supported by the scenery could be seen during the stroll along the Sydney Harbour.

Aiden and Shafaq were quite charming. The three flower girls kids were adorable and the family and guests were lively. In the end, we felt like we were celebrating the occasion with them and not just shooting from the sidelines. We wish for Aiden and Shafaq to have a prosperous and happy life together.

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