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A cinematic wedding video is a memory to last you a lifetime; so it is understandable that clients expect the very best. Biting Designs are proud to announce that their services now include options for aerial cinematography, to capture every angle of your special day.

Why would you want drone cinematography as part of your wedding video? What are the benefits or using drone photography? And could this new technology in any way detract from the emotion of the day?

Weddings are vibrant, three dimensional occasions. Whilst wedding photos are beautiful reminders of your special day, they do not capture the true essence of the event. Aerial cinematography gives you the opportunity to re-live your wedding day, giving you panoramic views from all angles, with smooth transitions from frame to frame.

Traditional aerial cinematography was a logistical nightmare, involving the use of a disruptive helicopter and exorbitant expenses. Drone cinematography, on the other hand, is a much more cost effective option; the drone itself is quiet and unobtrusive, capturing the exceptional moment without spoiling it. The set-up time is also an advantage, as the camera can typically be off the ground and ready to film in less than ten minutes.

This type of arrangement is particularly affective when a wedding or reception is taking place against a water backdrop, such as a restaurant overlooking Sydney Harbour. In this sort of setting, traditional wedding cinematography is limited as to what angles they can film from; for example, the camera can pan out across the harbour, but it cannot film from over the water. Drone cinematography, however, can fly out over the inaccessible water and present a vision that is looking back at a spectacularly lit up wedding reception, with the bride and groom situated front and centre.

So when it comes time to book your cinematic wedding video, don’t compromise on quality or technology. Rather, contact Biting Designs to discuss the advantages of having drone aerial cinematography capture every angle of your incredible wedding day.

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