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Project Description

Floating through the sky, drifting above the moment, capturing the innocence of pure love frame by frame, Daniel and Julia’s wedding cinematography was brought to new heights through the use of a drone camera.Biting Designs offers a new view of the moments that matter with aerial cinematography. A beautiful ceremony shared with closest friends and family, Daniel and Julia combined the traditions of a Chinese wedding with modern day touches. The bride and groom share tea with their elders and parents in a standard Chinese wedding ceremony, while the bridal party engages in fun activities like popping balloons on one another’s lap and passing a leaf between them without using their hands.

After a stunning ceremony which included Julia being escorted by her father down a red carpet, symbolic of the traditional Chinese wedding color, Daniel and Julia were pronounced husband and wife, and the real fun began.

With a captivating bridal party that included, as Daniel’s best man described “Asian Adonises”, and Julia’s bridesmaids outfitted in sky blue Grecian style gowns, the reception was sure to be a hit. Biting Designs captured every precious moment, from their first dance as husband and wife to their “Just Married” exit in an upscale white Rolls-Royce. The wedding guests even got a chance to unlock the bouquet box, a fun take on a classic wedding tradition that suggests the next to be married.

Capture the landscape of love with specialized aerial cinematography and share the memories for years to come. Daniel and Julia’s marriage journey has only just begun, but each moment of their beautiful ceremony is forever theirs, in their hearts and on video to share. Biting Designs wishes Daniel and Julia all the best for many years to come! Congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom!

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