Aaron & Veronika, Sydney Wedding Videography

Project Description

From the first few moments that we are introduced to Veronika, it’s obvious that this girl has a radiant personality, exposed time and time again through her captivating smile. From the dazzle in her shoes to that same dazzle in her smile, we at Bitting Designs Sydney Wedding Videography; weredelighted to be part of such a sparkling occasion. As we film the bride-to- be getting ready, it is also clear how much love and warmth veronica exudes as a person. This love is returned however when we insert footage showing all four women helping Veronika into her lavish and heart-stopping dress. As the bride’s father put so eloquently: “Today is the day where everything has its own beginning” and he was not wrong, either. Their special day was exactly that, the commencement of two hearts now coming together as one and two families being brought together in unison. Her father also tells us how he will forever cherish this day as he gives his beautiful “Nisha” away. I think a very strong father-daughter relationship can be easily picked up. Cinematically through our footage, we include the exact moment where he lifts her veil, and extends her hand out in tradition, to her soon to be husband. The majestic voice of John Legend can be heard throughout the video, with his famous lyrics heard loud and clear; “Give your all to me”. Sydney Wedding Video decided that inserting a close up shot of the newlyweds hand in hand at the altar, served as a powerful representation of this, where they now swear before God, to give each other whole heartedly to  one another. Dolton House played host to this joyous event, decorated with tea light candles, dainty white flower arrangements, and candelabras enclosing bouquets of flowers rich in shades of gold, white and yellow. Soon enough though, the four tier wedding cake was jointly cut by the happy couple followed by a rather playful and prolonged kiss, but given how Aaron said he was so lucky to have found an angel like Veronika, this could only be expected. From our entire team we wish them a long and prosperous married life together, with passion as strong, if not stronger as the heat from all the candles present at their wedding.

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