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Sofia & Peter

True love is like an umbrella – cuddle close to one another and no matter what falls around you, you’ll remain strong and protected. As Sophia and Peter embrace under the crystal-clear comfort of their symbolic umbrella, the sun peaks through the trees, warming their hearts.

La Phenomena Photography captures perfect moments like these, delivering professional photographs of Sydney weddings and offering newlyweds a lasting record of their special day. Combined packages from Biting Designs Wedding Video and La Phenomena Photography make the planning a little bit easier, and ensure couples like Sofia and Peter are graced with high-quality wedding cinematography and photography.

We make sure to document the whole day, from pre-ceremony preparations to the end of the night festivities, and no detail is too small. Sophia and Peter have a tangible memory of their Sydney wedding to share with friends and family for the rest of their lives. Like in the newlywed’s highlight reel, Biting Designs uses expert cinematic editing and unique camera angles to create seamless stories of the couple’s beautiful day.

From the love of being surrounded by family and friends, to the fun of fast cars and dancing, we managed to portray all aspects of Sofia and Peter’s perfect wedding. Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography can capture all the important moments while remaining unobtrusive and without interruption. La Phenomena’s photographers are skilled at finding the candid shots, and harnessing the natural artistry of the landscape and situation to frame the photos. We go above and beyond to deliver beautiful works of art that showcase the heart of couples like Sofia and Peter.

Opting for a combined package means you get the best of both worlds- wedding pictures by La Phenomena Photography and Hollywood-style cinematography from Biting Designs Wedding Video. Sofia and Peter not only have great still images, like the kiss under the umbrella, but they can also relive the ceremony and the fun of the reception whenever they’d like. They may even discover parts of the day that they don’t remember, or get a refreshing view of the day’s events.

Your wedding is an important day. Don’t trust your memories to just anyone. Let Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography do all the work, and enjoy your Sydney wedding for generations. We’re happy to have shared in Peter and Sofia’s gorgeous wedding day, and wish the newlyweds a happy future together! Congratulations!

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