27 Oct 2015

Wedding car

Cocooned in their own private joy, Annie and Greg shared a lingering kiss in the back of their antique wedding car, shielded from the gentle rain that dripped from the sky around them. Their day had begun in a relaxed manner, as shown in the wedding video recorded by Biting Designs. Whilst Annie prepared for her big day with laughter and champagne, Greg enjoyed a relaxed morning out on the porch, surrounded by his closest friends. Both appeared unruffled, happy […]

27 Oct 2015

Country wedding celebration

In a small country town in New South Wales, a place drenched in cultural history and synonymous with superb local produce, Kira and Michael were pronounced man and wife. Whilst an elaborate city wedding is the dream for many a couple, it was the elegant simplicity of country life, along with the stunning rural landscape that convinced the bride and groom that no other location could match that of Orange as the site for their country wedding celebration. As the […]

10 Sep 2015

Natalie & Christopher, Wedding Film.

Natalie & Christopher What could be more perfect than strolling hand in hand through the park with the person you love most in this world? And in the case of Natalie and Christopher, what could be a more fitting location for the day they became man and wife? After all, their love story began with a walk in the park. In 2002, Natalie was walking her dog through a vacant block of land next door to Christopher’s house. He saw […]

26 Aug 2015

Biting Designs-Sydney Wedding Video

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and moving events of your life. The day when two become one, lives are forever entwined and new families are created. But, no matter how magical the setting, how beautiful the bride looks or how ecstatic the groom feels, the reality is that your wedding day is just that: a day. Undoubtedly it is a very important day, a day that you will treasure forever, but over within a mere 24 […]

10 Aug 2015

Cronulla Wedding.

Cronulla Wedding The crash of waves. The familiar cry of a gull. The salty tang of ocean spray. These are the things that represent the Australian beach and these are the memories that Matthew & Rosemarie wanted to incorporate as part of their wedding celebration. The day of Matt and Rosie’s wedding was truly spectacular – a brilliant blue sky and a bright warm sun – elements that were all preserved in the cinematic wedding video prepared by Biting Designs. […]

29 Jul 2015

Observatory Hill Wedding

Observatory Hill Wedding A glittering engagement ring. A crisp, white bow tie. A smiling groom. A glowing bride. The day that Jack and Cali became man and wife was filled with beautiful moments, full of promise and captured in a stunning cinematic video by Biting Designs. Adorned in a white, lace-up gown and sheer veil, Cali, who was described by her new husband as “the girl that means absolutely everything to me”, was beaming with pleasure throughout her entire wedding […]

22 May 2015

Hindu Wedding Ceremony.

Two beautiful traditions in two beautiful surroundings were the backdrop for the joining of two beautiful souls – and Biting Designs Wedding Video was blessed to have been there for both. Shaun and Sureen had not one, but two glorious weddings, one with the traditional Hindu Wedding ceremony and the following day in a church.  The ornate, intricate, and gorgeous  Hindu ceremony featured numerous purple flowers, henna for the bride, and Ganesh overseeing the entire affair.  As the bride was […]

08 May 2015

Jewish Wedding

There are love stories that can melt your heart.  The story of Isabel and Jack is one of them, even for a seasoned veteran in cinematic wedding videography.  Their story had to be told and we at Biting Designs were grateful to be the ones who got to tell it. “Isabel, you’re my first love.  My last love.  I’ll always love you forever.” And with those words of proposal, the tale of their wedding (and their forever) began. Isabel gushes […]

06 May 2015

Dolton House, Jones Bay Wharf

Katie and Paul’s wedding was captured in perfect romantic detail with the help of Biting Designs. They’re beautiful cinematic wedding video takes you through each exquisite moment of their special and memorable day. The day begins with Katie and her bridesmaids preparing for the walk down the aisle. Katie’s beautiful princess gown is showcased in many gorgeous shots throughout this video, and she truly did emulate every essence of bridal perfection women hope to have on the day they promise […]

05 May 2015

Ottimo House Wedding

Think of the most beautiful wedding you’ve ever been witness to.  Now think of the most beautiful venue you’ve ever attended a wedding.  What was it?  What made it so memorable? Picturesque and stunning as the location of the wedding might have been, the way Antonio delicately wrapped his arm around his bride, and the way that Rachel amorously gazed at her husband was the most breathtaking view in all of Sydney that day.  One might even argue all of […]