12 Mar 2017

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography As Sarah pushes back the curtains on the window, the soft, white light fills the room. Her face illuminated in warmth, her heart shining with love. Biting Designs was proud to capture everlasting memories for newlyweds Sarah and George, using expert wedding photography to make their Sydney wedding a picture-perfect masterpiece. From an embrace by an old tree, carved by the lovers who stood before them, to a kiss under the veil of the Sydney harbor, Sarah and […]

24 Feb 2017

Tea Ceremony

Lisa and Raymond Tea Ceremony The concept of Xǐ, “double happiness”, echoes throughout Lisa and Raymond’s Chinese tea ceremony. Whether in the writing on the decorations, resonating through the words of their elders, or prominent in their hearts, a new height of happiness has been reached when these two join together. Biting Designs captured every moment of the couple’s tea ceremony in Sydney, noting it as a tradition still practiced today. Popular even in modern western style-weddings, the Chinese tea […]

23 Oct 2016

Oatlands house

Oatlands House Wedding Video Under a descriptive blue sky, between the Roman-inspired columns a new love begins: the love of husband and wife. Michael and Ivy joined their past with their future, combining their love for one another into a single entity of unity in the presence of their friends and family. Biting Designs joined the couple at Oatlands House, a beautiful backdrop for wedding cinematography.Spanning five full acres of garden landscape, Oatlands House is the perfect setting for a […]

06 Oct 2016

Hunter Valley Wedding

Hunter Valley Wedding “You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had…” Drifting high above the Hunter Valley Wine region of New South Wales, the grapevines spanning neat little rows, Nick and Anne walk hand-in-hand, sowing their own seeds of the future together, newly minted as husband and wife. Hunter Valley is the oldest wine growing region in Australia, and located just outside Sydney, it makes a premiere destination for a gorgeous wedding. Anne and Nick captured […]

30 Aug 2016

Croatian Wedding

Croatian Wedding As the camera pans over the two sparkling wedding bands, the red, white, and blue of the Croatian flag streams in the background. One gorgeous bride, one eager groom, a room full of friends and family, and an endless amount of love is all that’s necessary for the celebration of Marko and Mateja. In this modern meets traditional Croatian wedding, the newlyweds paid tribute to their Croatian heritage with luxury. Biting Designs provides expert wedding cinematography throughout Sydney, […]

10 Aug 2016

Hydro Majestic

Hydro Majestic Wedding L.O.V.E. Four letters in front of the picturesque peaks of mountains. Four letters to describe the innate emotion of newlyweds. Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Blue Mountains, the Hydro Majestic is a stunning venue for Sydney weddings. Biting Designs was honored to provide expert wedding cinematography for the wedding of Kate and James, who chose the Hydro Majestic and the natural beauty of the mountainside for their ceremony and reception. The Blue Mountains border Sydney, […]

10 Aug 2016

Greek Wedding

The flames burn atop the thin pillar candle, illuminating a future of love, luck, and happiness inside the Greek Orthodox church in Sydney where Katie and John were united in marriage. Biting Designs used expert wedding cinematography to capture each aspect of the newlyweds’ traditional Sydney Greek wedding. Family is such an important part of a Greek wedding, and John and Katie’s ceremony was no exception. From Katie being escorted down the aisle by her loving mom, to John’s emotion-filled […]

06 Jul 2016

Ottimo House

Paul and Tania “Remember when we made a wish…” Imagine your every wish coming true during your most spectacular wedding day. That’s what happened to Paul and Tania, two gorgeous newlyweds who united together in love and faith on 24, January 2016, Biting Designs, was there to capture each moment and make it a memory with outstanding wedding cinematography. The couple held a Jewish wedding ceremony, with the bride and groom being escorted down the aisle by their respective parents. […]

06 Jul 2016

Watsons Bay Wedding

Watsons Bay Wedding It’s all about the memories… Your wedding day only happens once, but thanks to incredible wedding cinematography from Biting Designs, you can relive the memories over and over. Biting Designs was thrilled to be a part of Lincoln and Stacey’s big day, capturing the beautiful landscape of Watsons Bay in Sydney, and sealing their love story in memories for the newlyweds to enjoy forever. Lincoln and Stacey invited their closest family and friends to join them in […]

12 Jun 2016

La Montage

Every story…has a beginning, and for Joseph and Jessica, a journey of lifelong bliss began in December 2012, when their eyes first locked and their souls first said…” Hello.” Every happy ending is initially ignited by the connection of two pieces of a soul; two hearts that start beating as one, forever and beyond. This Sydney Wedding Video at La Montage tells the story of Joseph and Jessica – a true fairytale. From the flawless finish of this princess’s dress, […]