05 Aug 2017

Croatian Wedding

Croatian Wedding Mix the beauty of the rolling hills and natural landscape of Australia’s capital region with the traditions and rich culture of Croatia, and discover a truly magnificent Canberra wedding, especially when captured by professional wedding cinematographers. Canberra is known for its circular roads and pathways, and Biting Designs channels the fluidity of the city with constant camera movements and 360-degree aerial cinematography during Adam and Katrina’s Croatian wedding celebration. Keeping true to the traditions of Croatia, the couple’s […]

20 Jun 2017

The University of Sydney Wedding

The University of Sydney Wedding The look of Old English style architecture can add an elegant ambiance to a wedding, creating a venue that’s both beautiful and unique. The University of Sydney provides couples like Alex and Kat an exceptional backdrop for a memorable wedding, and has solidified its place as a popular spot for photography and cinematography. Set right in the center of the city, the University of Sydney Darlington Campus features historical sandstone infrastructures along with the manicured […]

10 Jun 2017

Armenian Wedding Sydney

Armenian Wedding Sydney For centuries marriage has been a gateway to identify oneself. It is also the art of making love. Cultures, ceremonies, and traditions often differ from country to country, and this different cultures and traditions must be observed and maintained when celebrating marriage in various parts of the world. An Armenian wedding in Sydney, is not an exception. It is vibrant, rich, extraordinary and quite exquisite they are ordinarily no small feat. It was a beautiful morning when […]

25 May 2017

La Phenomena Photography

La Phenomena Photography It’s the day of your dreams – the moment when time seems to stop and only the only sound is that of your hearts, beating rhythmically in unison, a joined rhythm existing as one melody – and you need a wedding photographer who can perfectly capture the harmony of your love. La Phenomena Photography provides high-quality wedding photography for newlyweds throughout Sydney. When the day is done, the one thing that remains is your memories. We strive […]

16 Apr 2017

Serbian Wedding

Serbian Wedding “That feeling that I had when I saw Alexandra from the first ever night…” When your heart is full, when love has descended upon thee and delivered to you the most magnificent partner for which to share your life, there is no greater feeling in the world. Bride and Groom Alexandra and George know exactly what it means to have found the perfect someone, as they celebrated their union in marriage at Doltone House on Darling Island, allowing […]

16 Apr 2017

La Phenomena Photography

La Phenomena Photography A wedding is one of the monumental occasions in the life of a person, for it represents the love commitment, and passion held for another person. For as long as history has been recorded, the wedding has played a substantial role in the development of regimes, distribution of land, and union of factions, so it only makes sense that such a cultural importance would be placed on the event. Though the history is similar, and the customs […]

16 Apr 2017

Miramare Gardens

Sotiri and Sharia Flowers have a vibrant history in wedding traditions, once used to convey messages between Victorian lovers, carried by brides to ward away spirits, and thought to symbolize love, fertility and new life. In modern times, flowers are still an integral part of weddings across the world. For Sotiri and Sharia, a garden wedding at one of Sydney’s most breathtaking locations kept the floral tradition alive. Miramare Gardens in Terrey Hills is a five-star wedding venue providing a […]

20 Mar 2017
12 Mar 2017

Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, with many brides and grooms choosing the crystal waters of the ocean as a backdrop for their ceremony. The soft, natural colors of the sand against the vibrant blues make a beautiful setting for a wedding, and with expert wedding cinematography, Biting Designs can capture all the moments worth sharing. Adoring couple Hayley and Brett opted for a stunning beach wedding, with full view of the shimmering, flowing water behind them. Under […]

12 Mar 2017

Sydney Harbour Wedding

Sydney Harbour Wedding The establishing shot: Whether it’s the first time you laid eyes on one another, or the moment you each said “I Love You”, it’s where you’re love story first began. For Melinda and Blair on their wedding day, it’s the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Wedding cinematography provides lasting memories for brides and grooms, turning their special Sydney Harbour Wedding day into a cinematic masterpiece. With Biting Designs, not a moment is missed, as skilled videographers capture even the […]