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“To say you mesmerize me is a complete understatement”- Peter

So much is said through a smile. An expression of pure bliss, true happiness and freedom of love, Peter and Joanne’s smiles said it all. With high-quality wedding cinematography and beautiful wedding photography from La Phenomena Photography and Biting Designs, Peter and Joanne’s memorable smiles are theirs to share with friends and family for years to come.

Attention to detail sets our wedding photography a part, as capturing the smallest moments, from a kiss by the water to a sweeping close-up of the intricacies of Joanne’s beautiful dress, are a top priority. We provide Hollywood style cinematics, using aerial cameras for breathtaking views, allowing newlywed couples like Peter and Joanne to see their celebration in a whole new way.

Peter and Joanne’s wedding highlights tell the story of their day, from the pre-ceremony moments with bridesmaids ands groomsmen, to the final drive away as husband and wife, leaving the reception and beginning a new chapter. We’ll find the moments during your day, instead of staging specific shots, that personalize your wedding video and photos, and celebrate your individual personality. We utilize the natural ambiance of your venue, or highlight the details of your ceremony, without interruption to you or your guests, which makes for the most authentic memory of your day.

Throughout their wedding, Peter and Joanne exchange smiles with one another, their parents, their bridal party, their clergy, and their guests. Each smile is different, but none are as powerful as the moments they share them together. As they look into on another’s eyes, its an instantaneous reaction to smile, as it says it all. No other statement necessary, as the love between Peter and Joanne radiates every time they are together.

Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography provide superior wedding cinematography and wedding photography to Sydney couples, highlighting the nuances of their special day and recording a permanent memory for which they can share with friends and family for generations. We want to wish Peter and Joanne the sheerest congratulations on their marriage and blessings of smiles that last a lifetime.

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