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12 Apr 2016

Aerial Cinematography

Floating through the sky, drifting above the moment, capturing the innocence of pure love frame by frame, Daniel and Julia’s wedding cinematography was brought to new heights through the use of a drone camera.Biting Designs offers a new view of the moments that matter with aerial cinematography. A beautiful ceremony shared with closest friends and family, Daniel and Julia combined the traditions of a Chinese wedding with modern day touches. The bride and groom share tea with their elders and […]

26 Mar 2015

Aerial Cinematography

A cinematic wedding video is a memory to last you a lifetime; so it is understandable that clients expect the very best. Biting Designs are proud to announce that their services now include options for aerial cinematography, to capture every angle of your special day. Why would you want drone cinematography as part of your wedding video? What are the benefits or using drone photography? And could this new technology in any way detract from the emotion of the day? […]