Benefits of Video Marketing for Business

So you’ve launched a new business, or have a hot new product you want to show off to the world, but you’re not sure what the best way to spread the news is. Many small businesses are turning to the Internet for marketing opportunities, but the video marketplace is often under-utilized. Using video to market your business is a great way to send a visual message to your customers. By using video, you can quickly inform your viewers about a particular subject, whether it be a product or a skill you want to showcase, and help the audience draw their own conclusions.

Why Consider Video Marketing or Corporate Video?

Videos connect your customers by evoking the sense more than text. Sure you can tell someone something, but isn’t it more dynamic if they can actually see it.  There’s a big difference for a restaurant that allows the customer the opportunity to see the food, as well as the performer who can have the audience hear her work. That’s the biggest advantage of using video for your business.

Everyone is watching. Since advertising moved from print and onto the screen, people have been watching videos for decades. Even better, today’s on-demand society uses websites like YouTube to search and find relevant videos that they want to see. By creating a video, you are reaching a larger target audience than you may otherwise have access to. On average, YouTube has over four billion views each day.

Searchable and Shareable. Many people search the Internet every day for information. With a video, you can help your message reach those who may be actively looking for it. Also, because video can easily be shared with others, your audience can spread your message to others that you may not have reached otherwise.

Great for our budget. With video, you get a big bang for your buck. Video can last as long as you want it to, as once you have created it, it exists until you no longer need it, meaning that it is a one-time cost that continues to work in your favor, generate a high return on investment.

Video is interactive. Video is a great way to engage your audience and allow them to interact with your brand or product. They can comment, like, and share your video, which gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers in a whole new way. You can receive instant feedback and learn what your customers want based on the way they receive your video.

Potent and Portable. Everyone is on the go these days, and video is the best way for audiences to take your message with them. Video can be viewed on a variety of devices, from tablets to smartphones, and can deliver a strong, clear visual experience with a simple touch of a button.

Biting Designs is committed to helping you create the perfect video for your brand. With years of experience in cinematography, Biting can highlight the visual elements you want, and combine it with expertly mastered audio to create the perfect sharable, marketable video for your business.