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28 Jan 2018

Father Daughter Dance

Father Daughter Dance “Your dad keeps them inside his heart; the most beautiful memories of you.” Wedding celebrations focus primarily on the bride and groom as they begin a new journey together as husband and wife. However, there’s another subtle reflection of relationship that occurs between the couple and their parents. Traditionally, the bride was “presented” or “given away” to the groom by her father, as symbol of the two most important men in her life. Many modern brides opt […]

28 Jan 2018

Moree country wedding.

Moree country wedding. Rustic, natural, and relaxed. For a country wedding, the plains of Moree, New South Wales, provides a gorgeous natural setting, highlighting the beauty of the love between bride and groom. Klee and Emily opted for wedding cinematography and wedding photography from Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography for their Moree country wedding. Moree is one of the most notable agricultural centers in the country, and its landscape adds the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Biting Designs wedding […]

05 Nov 2017

Love is love.

 “It means a great deal to Yana and Mel that we are here today to share their happiness and celebrate their love.” Love is love. It is one of the most universal, boundless principles of human existence. It’s the feeling of warmth, protection, desire. It is love. Finding that one person in the whole world that makes you feel complete is one of the most satisfying joys of life. For Yana and Mel, discovering their love for one another was […]

30 Aug 2017

Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography

Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography “I accept you as you are, and I offer myself in return” -Steven Love truly is a partnership, requiring two hearts to come together, binding with one another in a vow to protect and cherish each other forever. Weddings celebrate the eternal love of two people, like Fleur and Steven, with memories in abundance. Ensuring you have the right photographer for your Sydney wedding can make all the difference in how those memories are […]

30 Aug 2017

Cinematic Editing

Sofia & Peter True love is like an umbrella – cuddle close to one another and no matter what falls around you, you’ll remain strong and protected. As Sophia and Peter embrace under the crystal-clear comfort of their symbolic umbrella, the sun peaks through the trees, warming their hearts. La Phenomena Photography captures perfect moments like these, delivering professional photographs of Sydney weddings and offering newlyweds a lasting record of their special day. Combined packages from Biting Designs Wedding Video […]

29 Aug 2017

Sydney Wedding

Jessica & Nebojsa From sparkling rhinestone embellishments along the train of Jessica’s wedding dress to every delicate white rose of her bouquet, or from champagnes bubbles and glimmering wedding rings to adoring smiles and words of wisdom, no detail is too small a memory. Like Jessica and Nebojsa, ensure you’ll have the memories of your Sydney wedding day to share for generations to come with a combined package from La Phenomena Photography and Biting Designs Wedding Video. With expert quality […]

29 Aug 2017

La Phenomena Photography

Allan & Andrea Framed by the sun’s illuminating rays, Allan and Andrea embrace along the natural Sydney coastline, washed by the waves of light dancing along their skin, as the gentle ripples of the water create the most beautiful gradient backdrop. It’s capturing moments like these that take wedding memories to the next level. It’s not just recording the action, or taking a still image of the scene – instead it’s finding the way to make the emotion and beauty […]

05 Aug 2017

Croatian Wedding

Croatian Wedding Mix the beauty of the rolling hills and natural landscape of Australia’s capital region with the traditions and rich culture of Croatia, and discover a truly magnificent Canberra wedding, especially when captured by professional wedding cinematographers. Canberra is known for its circular roads and pathways, and Biting Designs channels the fluidity of the city with constant camera movements and 360-degree aerial cinematography during Adam and Katrina’s Croatian wedding celebration. Keeping true to the traditions of Croatia, the couple’s […]

20 Jun 2017

The University of Sydney Wedding

The University of Sydney Wedding The look of Old English style architecture can add an elegant ambiance to a wedding, creating a venue that’s both beautiful and unique. The University of Sydney provides couples like Alex and Kat an exceptional backdrop for a memorable wedding, and has solidified its place as a popular spot for photography and cinematography. Set right in the center of the city, the University of Sydney Darlington Campus features historical sandstone infrastructures along with the manicured […]

10 Jun 2017

Armenian Wedding Sydney

Armenian Wedding Sydney For centuries marriage has been a gateway to identify oneself. It is also the art of making love. Cultures, ceremonies, and traditions often differ from country to country, and this different cultures and traditions must be observed and maintained when celebrating marriage in various parts of the world. An Armenian wedding in Sydney, is not an exception. It is vibrant, rich, extraordinary and quite exquisite they are ordinarily no small feat. It was a beautiful morning when […]