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28 Jan 2018

Lebanese drummers

Lebanese drummers Love sweeps you off the floor, embraces and supports you, as the universe explodes with fireworks of celebration at the tangible realization of a dream. As Jobran and Grace share their first dance as husband and wife, this very phenomenon is captured by La Phenomena Photography and Biting Designs. Opting for high-quality wedding photography and wedding cinematography can change the way you remember your wedding. Our professional photographers and expert cinematographers document all the important moments of your […]

28 Jan 2018

Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography

Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography Those quiet moments. The first walk together as husband and wife. Joining hands and hearts, embracing one another for the remainder of their lives. La Phenomena Photography cements these moments in digital infamy, with beautiful still wedding photography for Sydney couples. Combined with the expert Hollywood-style wedding cinematography from Biting Designs, Sydney newlyweds can have a stunning record of their special day to share with their families for generations. No matter what type of […]

28 Jan 2018

Bridesmaids ands Groomsmen

“To say you mesmerize me is a complete understatement”- Peter So much is said through a smile. An expression of pure bliss, true happiness and freedom of love, Peter and Joanne’s smiles said it all. With high-quality wedding cinematography and beautiful wedding photography from La Phenomena Photography and Biting Designs, Peter and Joanne’s memorable smiles are theirs to share with friends and family for years to come. Attention to detail sets our wedding photography a part, as capturing the smallest […]

25 May 2017

La Phenomena Photography

La Phenomena Photography It’s the day of your dreams – the moment when time seems to stop and only the only sound is that of your hearts, beating rhythmically in unison, a joined rhythm existing as one melody – and you need a wedding photographer who can perfectly capture the harmony of your love. La Phenomena Photography provides high-quality wedding photography for newlyweds throughout Sydney. When the day is done, the one thing that remains is your memories. We strive […]