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When two hearts come together, there's a story to be told. Let La Phenomena Photography uncover the beautiful narrative of your specific love story with professional wedding photography.

Brought to you by the brilliant minds behind Biting Designs, Sydney's premiere wedding cinematography, La Phenomena Photography takes capturing your special event to the next level. We'll work with you to ensure we never miss a moment of your day. From the ceremony and exchange of heartfelt vows, to the reception and celebration of the newlyweds, La Phenomena Photography and Biting Designs Wedding Cinematography work together to deliver a tangible record of your individual love story.

With expert editing and film techniques, we go beyond creating just a photographic record of your wedding, instead incorporating the magnificent imagery of the day to produce a truly cinematic production. Biting Designs has been helping to weave the threads of love stories across Sydney into a lasting memory for over nine years and has recently expanded their artistry to include La Phenomena Photography.

We know your wedding is  already going to be absolutely beautiful, which makes our job even easier. However, it’s not just about creating pretty, static images. With every photograph and video we produce, we strive to evoke an emotion in the viewer, similar to that of the subjects’. Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography use their unique artistic talents to help you relive your amazing day and share the emotion with anyone you choose.

Offering a wide range of packages, we’re here to serve Sydney couples and promote the unique, varied, and magnificent love stories of our region. Don’t settle for a play-by-play video, or the predictable, staged photos. Get the best quality cinematography with fully-edited documentary style productions, complete with DVD and opt for next-level, natural photography that incorporates who you are as a character in your love story.

La Phenomena Photography is the perfect addition to your wedding day, capturing both the subtleties and exuberance, while showcasing the emotion and importance of the day. As you’ve come to expect from professionals like Biting Designs, our photographers and cinematographers never interfere with the events, and you’ll be amazed at how well they can capture them while blending into the background.

Whether you’re swept up in a whirlwind romance, or you’re marrying your long-time love, you have a tale to tell. Let Biting Designs and La Phenomena Photography share your story and relive the magic for years to come.

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