Tea Ceremony 24/02/2017

Lisa and Raymond Tea Ceremony

The concept of Xǐ, “double happiness”, echoes throughout Lisa and Raymond’s Chinese tea ceremony. Whether in the writing on the decorations, resonating through the words of their elders, or prominent in their hearts, a new height of happiness has been reached when these two join together.

Biting Designs captured every moment of the couple’s tea ceremony in Sydney, noting it as a tradition still practiced today. Popular even in modern western style-weddings, the Chinese tea ceremony only seemed right for bride Lisa, of Vietnamese-Chinese descent, and groom Raymond, of Cantonese-Chinese descent.

As Lisa’s “lucky ladies” shower her with wishes of fortune, a special female in her life, known as the “Good Luck Woman” performs the hair-dressing ritual. Lisa’s hair is tied into a traditional bun, the signature style of married women.

The color red plays a significant role in a Chinese tea ceremony. From Lisa’s beautiful red wedding dress accented with gold embellishments, to the red envelopes in which the elders and guests present their gifts, to the bows and tea service, Lisa and Raymond left no detail “un-red”. In Chinese wedding culture, the color red symbolizes luck, love, prosperity, and happiness. Red prominent against the soft white of the modern wedding, the gold sparkling accents shine, and are a highlighting focal point to Biting Designs Sydney tea ceremony cinematography.

Keeping with tradition, Raymond and his groomsmen play “Door Games”, consisting of popping red balloons between one another, jingling gold balls out of a red box strapped to their bodies, and passing notes between one another only with their mouths. These games are thought to stall the bride from leaving her house for the final time, and have transformed into a fun way to begin the day.

As each of their elders is served, and the couple moves from generation to generation, the couple is presented with gifts, known as Lai-see, in bright red envelopes. Gifts of gold, jewelry, or money are common, and wishes of fertility and happiness are bestowed upon the couple.

Ranging from the very intimate occasion, to a wide scale event with many guests, Chinese wedding tea ceremonies continue to be a popular way to celebrate culture and union of two hearts in love. Biting Designs is happy to have been part of Lisa and Raymond’s tea ceremony, and wish them a future full of Xǐ!

Sydney Wedding Video Blog

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