Love is love. 05/11/2017

 “It means a great deal to Yana and Mel that we are here today to share their happiness and celebrate their love.”

Love is love. It is one of the most universal, boundless principles of human existence. It’s the feeling of warmth, protection, desire. It is love.

Finding that one person in the whole world that makes you feel complete is one of the most satisfying joys of life. For Yana and Mel, discovering their love for one another was only the first moment in a lifetime of happiness. Biting Designs was thrilled to be part of their special day, capturing all the moments of their wedding and sharing in the pure bliss of true love.

In Australia, gay marriage is currently still illegal, however laws cannot control the heart. Marriage is a privilege that should be afforded to all who are in love, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. When you see the love between couples like Yana and Mel, it only makes sense that they should be able to confirm their lifelong commitment to one another in a legal ceremony, but also be afforded the rights of traditional married couples throughout Australia.

Marriage equality is the subject of much debate in Australia right now, as the country prepares for a universal vote on legalization. To truly understand the debate, it must be seen less as a single entity, and more as a sector of the population of whom the laws affect. Those like Yana and Mel, two beautiful hearts in love with one another – their relationship having zero effect on anyone else. The only result of their unification is that two wonderful Australians are now even more happy than they were before.

Surrounded by their supportive family and friends, Yana and Mel were married along the coast of Summer Bay, at The Boathouse Palm Beach, in a stunning ceremony that was both relaxed and classy. With wedding video that showcases the fun personality of the couple, along with the heartfelt words of both their parents, it’s apparent that Mel and Yana have surrounded themselves with love in all areas of their lives.

Love is love. And love is more than a privilege. Love should be a right that is afforded to all. Everyone deserves true love.

Biting Designs Wedding Cinematography supports marriage equality, and wishes the absolute best to Yana and Mel. Congratulations!

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Every true love has a story. When you decide to capture yours on video, opt for only the best in Sydney Wedding Videography. Biting Designs uses film as a medium for telling your unique story, and with many different design techniques, clients can rest assured knowing that their requests will be met.

With a close working relationship with clients, Biting Designs provides top quality wedding videos that are more than just a person with a camera. These videos are cinematic productions, which puts the true essence and story of the big day at the forefront. Having a wedding photographer seems like a standard practice anymore, and just something that everyone expects to have. Biting Designs wants you to take it one step further by opting for film, as it captures more than still images alone. A great wedding video is something to cherish, not just for its visual reminder of the day, but also as an audio recording of special moments as well. Wedding videos by Biting Designs are truly keepsakes to be shown to generations to come.
Videos by Biting Designs are more than just a static recording of the events of the day. These wedding videos are professionally produced using 35mm cameras and an array of lenses that take the quality to another level. All videographers use Steadycams, which float seamlessly along with the action, capturing every detail, and replicating production industry standards. Aside from quality video, specialized audio engineers make sure the audio is crystal clear, so each time the video is presented it’s like reliving the day all over again.
It’s not all about creating visually appealing wedding videos. Biting Designs tells your story. All of the wedding footage captured is beautifully and creatively arranged to showcase the story you want to tell. Biting Designs provides DVDs that feature professional editing and quality production, and each DVD features two versions: a long version complete with chapters, intros, and audio tracks, and a shortened version so you can chose which you want to watch.
Your wedding video should give you the same feeling you had on that big day. A production by Biting Designs takes you back to that very moment as you share every emotion that you felt with those who watch the film. Biting Designs provides premiere Sydney Wedding Videography, capturing the true essence of one’s love story and putting it on the screen.
Offering a range of packages and pricing, Biting Designs works with their clients to determine the best way to represent their day on film. Clients are offered more options with Biting Designs, and have access to a fully edited documentary style video of their wedding day, along with a customized DVD menu that features chapters and a design unique to the couple. Clients are given a specialized Wedding Day Highlights film that captures a quick rundown of the essence of the day.
Whether it’s a whirlwind romance, or a long time love, every couple has a fairy tale to share. Let Biting Designs tell your story.

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