Wedding Video Production, Editing

Wedding videography comprises of many sets of a skills, which are acquired over a long period of time. Shooting style and and montage capabilities are the most important to look for, when deciding on your wedding video choices.


Biting Designs Sydney Wedding Video will always arrive earlier to make sure the best possible shots are captured; dramatic angles etc. Behind the scenes, we do much more hours, in order to capture the best possible shots. Our wedding videographers are very vigilant through the day, looking for candid authentic moments-the gems in your wedding video; these are your stories, your footage. Audio is also very important. We take great precaution, and have multiple recording devices to deliver best crisp sound in your final DVD.

Editing wedding videos is an important task. We are inc charge of preserving your stories.
It takes roughly 30 hours full time, just in post wedding video production alone, not including typical 12-14 wedding day; to produce your final film. Just think how long it takes to make a Hollywood films? Sure, its not going to take 5 years, however it is still a film, which requires time.

There are many videographers who will cut out big chunks of footage from your wedding video; with the belief that less is more. They will primarily concentrate on short versions and highlights.

Biting Designs Wedding Video beliefs that wedding videos are the opposite. It’s a special event that is going to be one of the most important days in the life of the bride and groom. We go through every video file, and make sure you get as many memories as you can.

Our long version wedding film is constructed in this order (music and live audio where appropriate):
A. Intro into the grooms house, grooms preparation. Casual mingling, chain of events and dressing. Members approached for an informal video wish (becomes an unexpected item in the final DVD.)
B. Intro into the brides house, Bride preparations. We try and arrive prior to photographers, in order to setup our shots. We bring specialised equipment. Things like camera sliders, steadycams variety of lenses. We film the Bride until she departs for the church, filimg departure from home.
C. Church/ceremony introduction. We capture Brides arrival into the ceremony. Documentary editing of the church proceedings. This technique focuses on capturing live event as it unfolded. Departing from the Church/ceremony to music-congratulating guests.
D. Location Shots. Creativity is unleashed. We may require you to pose/act in few instances to enhance the footage.
E. Introduction into the reception, showcasing the room and the items, preparations.
F. Bridal entry into the reception.
G. Montage to music, guests, food being served, whatever else is happening.
H. Formalities. Speeches, Cutting of the Cake, Bridal Waltz. (or similar order)
I. Dancing. Dancing footage comprises of live shots and sometimes dancing montage segments. It all depends on the wedding, culture and the mood of the guests.
J. Bouquet throw and gutter.
K. Farewell. Editing to live audio or edited with an audio track depending on the circumstances on the floor.
L. Couple escorted by guests and camera outside, into the getaway car. Edited to music.

Our cinematic wedding highlights edit, or as its know in the industry “short film “- is a cinematic summary of the entire day. The cinematic highlights aim to increase the emotional impact through use of slow motion and transition effects, saturated colors, creative camera angles and dramatic music. We help to create the “wow” factor to tell your story in a unique way. A cinematic highlights requires additional editing due to the sequencing of multiple cameras, lighting effects, mixing of music and voices as well as incorporating other special effects.

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